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Our office is located in Eniwa city in Hokkaido, Japan, which lies between New Chitose Airport (the main gateway to northern Japan) and Sapporo city (the Prefectural Capital of Hokkaido). We have posted a beautiful photo of a roadside station of Eniwa city on the front page of this site. It is near from our office.

OfficeSasaki-Office of Administrative Procedures Legal Services
RepresentativeYutaka Sasaki (Certified Legal Specialist for Administrative Procedures)
MembershipJapan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Associations
(Membership No. 22012204)
ServicesInheritance Planning for those who own properties located in Japan
Inward Foreign Direct Investment Procedure in Japan
Other Administrative Procedures in Japan
Location3-5-3, Megumino-Minami, Eniwa shi, Hokkaido, 〒061-1372, Japan
Phone080-9611-7694 (Inside Japan)
Business HoursRegular Business Hours : 9:30-17:30 Monday to Friday (Japan Standard Time), exclusive of Japanese national holidays.
But not limited to the above business hours, we are willing to arrange in-person or online meetings with you upon your request,
whenever we are available.